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Don’t damp-en your festive spirit with worries about damp

Don’t damp-en your festive spirit with worries about damp

With winter officially upon us, it is important to deal with your damp if it is affecting your home.

Signs that you might have a problem include wet patches – or even running water – on walls, floors and ceilings, peeling paint and wallpaper, and mould. If not dealt with properly, damp can lead to damaged furnishings and paint work, or even to more serious issues such as structural damage and ill health. If you sit back and watch this problem develop, the job of getting rid of it will steadily get bigger, so deal with it before it gets worse!

The most common form is condensation – the differing temperatures between the inside and outside of the property causes warm air to circulate and, if the property is not sufficiently ventilated, condense back into water when it meets with cooler surfaces.

The bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms most responsible for creating moisture in the home and if you don’t already have one, consider installing an extractor fan to deal with the excess in these rooms in particular. Of course, opening the windows will also do the job, but with temperatures expected to drop below zero degrees by the end of the week, this might not always be practical, or a popular idea. To avoid your fingertips turning frosty and family feuds over air temperature, take the easier option and fit your house out to deal with damp before it’s a problem.

Leaving the heating on at a low level throughout the property will keep the ambient temperature consistent, helping to limit cold spots and reduce moisture in the air. If you are still having problems then a dehumidifier could be a worthwhile investment.

Outside the property, heavy winds and rain are a common cause of penetrating damp and it is advisable to keep your gutters clear and unblocked to help avoid any overspill, check the walls and roof for obvious leaks, and make sure that any air bricks are unrestricted. Seal any gaps around window and door frames, and if the exterior brick work is old and porous, consider applying a quality waterproofing agent.

Although dealing with damp may seem like another troublesome task to put on the list, it is definitely worth doing before it becomes a bigger issue. It’s not just the practical side you have to consider, but the effect it can have on your health, as well as family and friends. So steer off that winter chill and tackle the causes of damp now!