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Boost your home's selling potential with some simple spring touches

Thu 09 Apr 2015

Boost your home’s selling potential with some simple spring touches…


Spring is a popular time for us to embark on some DIY, and if you’re looking to sell soon it’s a great opportunity to spruce up your home from top to bottom. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a long time on improvements to make a real impact on potential buyers. Here are some simple ideas that will maximise your home’s potential in no time.

Start by pretending you are a house-hunter who has come to view your home. Walk around each room, making a note of the things that look great and those that could do with a touch up. You could ask a friend that you trust to give honest feedback to do this for you.

One of the first things you are likely to notice is the value of a good old-fashioned spring clean. A thorough clean and declutter is a simple way to make a big visual and psychological impact on buyers. Tidy away all those books, newspapers, clothes and other items that have been piling up in corners and cluttering your tables and work surfaces. This will allow buyers to appreciate the size and shape of the rooms themselves, rather than being distracted by their contents. Even more importantly, a clean, well-presented house will give the buyer confidence that the property has been well looked after.

You could repaint rooms to give them an even fresher feel. Keep colour schemes as simple as possible to add value and appeal to a wide range of house-hunters. While neutral tones might not be to your own taste, you want to present a blank canvas that buyers can envisage putting their own stamp on, and filling with their own possessions.

Put aside an afternoon to blitz that to-do list of little DIY jobs that you may have been putting off. Carpet stains, chipped skirting boards and missing cupboard handles are often quick and simple to fix, but can put be seriously off-putting to buyers.

Take the opportunity to give the outside of your home a spring clean, too. First impressions are very important, so maximise your home’s “kerb appeal” by mowing the front lawn, trimming any unruly hedges, and giving the garden gate a lick of paint. Make sure your patio or decking is clean and that any repairs are made, and consider adding a couple of cheerful pot plants for a splash of colour and character at relatively low cost. You could even add a simple table and chairs to help house-hunters picture themselves relaxing outside this time next year.

Nobody wants to spend their spring evenings and weekends working through a never-ending list of repair jobs, but it really doesn’t take long to boost your home’s selling potential. In just a few hours, these small jobs will make a big impact, and could considerably boost your chances of selling your home this spring.








Nick James


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