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Common home maintenance and what to look out for

Sun 26 Jul 2015

MJ’s Maintenance Team Manager, Leah, advises us on common home maintenance and what to look out for

Keeping on top of repairs around the home can feel like a real chore and it is all too easy to leave them languishing on that ever growing ‘to do’ list.

Well, with summer here, now is the ideal time to start undertaking the essential maintenance that will help to prepare your home for the winter months ahead.

If you have plans to sell, then ensuring your home is properly maintained is going to help you get the best value when you come to put it on the market. At the very least, catching any potential issues now before they escalate will stop any further deterioration.

Starting outside, take a good look at the roof. You are looking for any broken or missing roof tiles that could lead to problems with damp inside the property. Leaky guttering and blocked gullies or drains are another potential cause of damp, so have broken piping renewed or replaced and remove any debris to ensure that water can drain freely. If you have a chimney, then remember that the stack can take quite a beating from high winds and wet weather, so check for any damage here as well.

As you are working your way around the outside of the property, identify any pipes that may require lagging as this will prevent them from freezing, or even bursting, if they become too cold in the winter months.

While looking for faults, keep an eye out for cracks in the walls, window frames and brickwork. The most likely causes are the shrinking or expanding of materials caused by changing temperature or even vibrations from traffic, and they are usually benign and easily fixed. However, a crack can point to a more serious problem such as corrosion or foundation movement and will be a cause for concern for savvy house hunters. If you do come across anything then monitor for signs of growth, taking regular photos for comparison and, if in doubt, call in a professional.

It is also worth paying close attention to the kitchen and bathroom as their condition can often be the deciding factor for home buyers. Taking the time to fix a leaky tap, touch up any flaky paint work and clean out the grouting can make all the difference to your property’s appeal.

Keeping on top of all the little repairs and jobs that comes with owning your own home can seem like a never ending job but remember – regular home maintenance is a real way to add value, improve saleability and save you money in the long run.



Leah Edmunds MARLA

Maintenance Team Manager

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