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Furnishing Rental Properties

Thu 17 Oct 2019

The first thing for landlords to consider when it comes to furnishing properties is whether you need to furnish in the first place.

Speak to your local agent, they should be able to advise you on the type of tenant your property is likely to attract and what items they would expect and desire.  

"60% of prospective tenants are looking for unfurnished accommodation"

(Property Industry Eye) 

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Here’s an example of one of our lettings reports, which concentrates on supply, demand, tenant demographics and average rents:

If you are looking to rent to the student market, it’s likely you will need to fully furnish the property as most students come directly from living at home and don’t have their own furniture to bring.  

That means you’ll need to supply a bed and decent storage in each bedroom, a dining table and chairs as well as a comfortable seating arrangement in the living room. It’s also a nice touch to provide a desk for each student. 

Make sure any items you buy are relatively cheap to replace while bearing in mind that going for the cheapest option is often a false economy, as you end up replacing the item more often.  

Like students, young couples or families may not have much furniture to bring, however, they are more likely than students to want to buy personalised items and furnish the property themselves. 

It pays for landlords to be flexible and be open to removing or adding items that prospective tenants may or may not already have.  

Although it may seem like a hassle to move out a bed or sofa remember tenants that decorate their rental property with own belongings tend to stay longer.  

For the furniture you do supply, remember that not only will better quality items be more durable and last longer, but your tenants will also appreciate your property more too. 

It can depend on how far they are relocating and for how long, however, corporate tenants usually want at least part-furnished properties.  

Think bed, sofa, table and chairs as a minimum. Some tenants will expect extra homely items such as rugs, artwork and utensils. Just remember not to leave anything you can’t replace. 

Second-hand finds are great and a much cheaper alternative than buying new. Just be sure you don’t date your property, especially if you want to attract higher-paying tenants.  

Older tenants have been around for longer have had more time to acquire their own furniture, often with sentimental value.  

As such, they generally look for unfurnished properties. 

If you are looking to rent to the short-term rental market, think monthly or even nightly, you will not only need to fully furnish your property, but you will need to provide all items a guest may need while staying, such as hairdryers and bottle-openers. 

Our friends at Hello Ted can help you further if you want more advice on the holiday rental market.

Landlords should be aware that it’s a legal requirement that all soft and upholstered furnishings in lettings properties, including items like mattresses and sofas, are fire-resistant.

This means ensuring you have the appropriate fire-safety label attached. If they don’t you will have to check with the manufacturer or retailer that they comply.  

Ensure all furniture you purchase is hard-wearing, easy to clean and depending on your target tenant, cheap to replace.

When painting remember that satin finish paint will make it easy to clean walls between tenancies, while acrylic paint has high durability and dries quickly. 

Good quality laminate or wooden flooring is great for high traffic areas such as hallways, the kitchen and bathroom as it won’t rip or wear as quickly.

By now everyone knows not to buy cheap carpets, right? While going for a mid-tone colour that won’t show stains is just smart if you ask us. 

Keep colours neutral and be wary of over-personalising your properties, not everyone shares your great taste!

Think simple, fresh and above all... welcoming.


Thanks for reading and if you have any property related questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’d love to help you.

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The Moginie James Team

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