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Preparing Your Garden For The Winter Months

Fri 11 Oct 2019


The cold, wet days and dark nights of autumn are upon us.  

Trees have started to shed their leaves and annual plants leave us as they reach the end of their lifespan. With this comes the inevitable slowdown of garden activity. 

But before you close the garden gate, consider these steps... you’ll be thankful you did come spring! 



Autumn is a great time to cut back the herbaceous perennials in your garden, restoring order and improving flowering. Although you can leave some stems over winter to provide homes and food for wildlife if you like!  

Additionally, it’s generally a good idea to dispose of any dead or rotting plants at this time of the year. Besides looking untidy, they may carry disease, pests and funguses.  



As well as providing vital nutrients to your plants, a couple of inches of compost followed by a layer of mulch protects plants from hard frosts and wildlife that might fancy themselves a nibble.  

Don’t throw any leaves away that you rake up, leaf matter can be composted before being used on your borders! 




All gardeners hate it... even non-gardeners hate it. 

But investing some time now, following the growing season, in a serious weeding spree of your garden means you won’t have a mammoth task on your hands come to the warmer weather.  



With garden games, paddling pools and hot weather (it may seem a distant memory now but there was some), the summer months can leave our lawns needing a bit of care and attention.  

Fertilise your lawn to provide it with nutrients that will restore its health and encourage growth.  


Cut back wayward branches on trees and shrubs and give your hedges a final trim before the weather gets colder. Remember that young trees and plants need protection and nurturing as they grow, especially in the bitter winter months.

Many gardeners use materials such as straw or hessian, held in place by wire netting, to defend them against the weather, while some choose to wrap plants in clear polythene to prevent rot.  



Are you envious when you see bulbs popping their heads up in your neighbour’s garden as the warmer weather hits?  

Now is the time to plant spring bulbs, from daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinths to garlic.  



It’s all too easy to let your tools become dirty or rusty, especially when your gardening duties (and social/family life) are in full swing. So, now is a great time to give your tools some attention and add to their lifespan.  

Remove rust with sandpaper or a wire brush and seal the metal from oxygen by rubbing the surface with a rag coated in light machine oil.  



If you have an outside tap which can be isolated from a stop tap, consider turning it off and draining the tap. This will stop the water inside freezing and expanding during winter. 

As always we hope you enjoyed our property blog this week and found some useful insights or ideas. 

Team MJ

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