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Be Smart, Rent Smart! An update on Rent Smart Wales...

Be Smart, Rent Smart! An update on Rent Smart Wales...

Rent Smart Wales, the brand name for the new compulsory registration and licencing scheme for agents and landlords in Wales, will be launched on November 23rd, 2015. From this date, we are told that the Rent Smart Wales team will be in place and their website and helpline will be up and running.

The only information that has been released thus far, is that all landlords, will need to register each of their properties in Wales, furthermore, all agents (plus Landlords who manage their own tenancies) will need to apply for a Licence.

This means that if Moginie James act as your managing agent, you will only need to register your properties as Moginie James will be applying for a licence on your behalf.

If you are a Landlord who uses our Let Only service, you will need to register your properties as well as apply for a Licence.

We will keep you updated as to when we receive further information on the costs of the scheme and the process for you to apply for a licence as well as how you can register your properties. Follow us on twitter and Facebook, and keep an eye on our website.

We will be holding information events at our Branches during November, and invitations will soon be sent to all of our Landlords. If you are not currently a Moginie James landlord, you can still register your interest for the event by contacting

In the interim, we strongly advise you to visit , the schemes official website. It contains a host of further information, in addition to allowing you to subscribe to receive regular email updates.






Martine Harris FARLA

Head of Lettings