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Ted on how to make your garden dog friendly

Ted on how to make your garden dog friendly

I have a great garden at home where I can run around and can’t get into too much mischief, but I’ve seen others that aren’t so lucky. So spare a thought for us pups when you bring us home and get your garden fit for Fido.



Go easy on the flowers – while you humans seem to think they’re ‘oh so pretty’ and smell delightful, us dogs don’t really get flowers. We certainly don’t understand that we’re not allowed to run all over them, dig them up or use them as a urinal! If you want that floral touch in your garden, it might be worthwhile sticking to the hanging baskets when you have a dog.


Make sure there’s no escape routes – while that sounds dramatic, you don’t want us running away and we don’t fancy getting lost either!



Think of our feet – we don’t wear shoes, well, apart from some proper pampered pooches, so make sure the ground is soft. Soft pebbles, pea gravel or grass is all good.



Ensure we have the essentials – if we’re going to be outside for a while, make sure there’s food and drink, and shelter. If it’s sunny, can we lie in the shade; if it’s raining, can we stay dry? I personally love laying on my dog bed under a little tree – it’s my own patch of paradise.



Open space – because not many of us have acres of land in our back garden, we need to make do with what we have got. Clear a space for us to run around in. Move furniture to one side - and make sure there’s no breakables in our path.




You have been warned – we take no responsibility for any damage caused if your garden hasn’t been doggie-fied!