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Tips For Moving House and Avoiding Delays

Wed 28 Aug 2019

The busiest day to move house this year is expected to be... THIS FRIDAY (30th August)!!

Data analysis by ReallyMoving and the HomeOwners Alliance found that the most popular month to move home over the past 12 years was August (accounting for 12.2% of the total moves across the year).
In fact, on average almost a 3rd of people chose June, July or August to move home, allowing themselves time to settle into their new house before the start of the new academic year in September. 

While data shows that Friday is by far the most popular day of the week to move. In fact, more than 1 in 4 people (27.7%) select Friday as their moving day. Giving themselves the weekend to unpack and settle into their new home.

As such, with August being the most popular month to move for the past 12 years, combined with the fact that the 30th falls on a Friday this year, the HomeOwners Alliance estimates that the number of movers on Friday will be almost 4 times the average for a normal day. While shockingly they also discovered that 1 in 5 homeowners (19%) who bought their home between 2016 and 2018 encountered moving delays. 

So, we've brought you some top tips for moving home and avoiding delays: 

Contact Removal Firms As Early As Possible
Get in touch as soon as possible and ask your preferred removal companies to visit and assess your house to provide a quote. Be sure to get several written quotes and check references as well as the limits of their insurance, so you don't have any nasty surprises. 

Even if you are getting your removalists to pack your house up for you, it is worth starting the process yourself in advance as it generally takes longer than expected and gives you a clearer idea of how much you have to move. It's also a chance to throw out anything you no longer want - saving you moving unnecessary items. Pack a few boxes a night, starting with breakables and valuables and label them with which room they belong too as this will help immensely on moving day. It's also well worth packing an overnight bag as if you were going away for the night - it can be a nightmare trying to find a small but necessary item like a toothbrush in a room full of boxes! 

Be clear and open about your preferred completion date from the outset. 
Did you know that unlike other agencies, Moginie James provides a dedicated Sales Progressor for each and every sale, with their sole remit being to ensure your property moves from ‘sold’ to ‘completed’? They will liaise with all parties through the chain, as well as all the representative estate agencies, conveyancers, surveyors and financial advisors (amongst a host of other involved parties), providing updates throughout to ensure your end goal is met. This dedicated approach ensures our chain collapse percentage is far lower than the national high street and online agency averages. 

Moving On Friday
As discussed above, Friday is the most popular day to move. This increases the potential for delays so look to move midweek instead if possible.

Same Day Exchange & Completion 
If you’re in a chain of people moving then avoid this at all costs as it would only take one person to have an issue with their exchange for all your best-laid plans to go out the window. 

Children & Pets
They're part of the family but they don't have to be part of the moving experience. Not only can it be an unsafe and stressful environment for them but they will probably just end up distracting you from the move. So, if possible arrange for someone to look after them on moving day. That said if your children are old enough then giving them age-appropriate tasks can make them feel part of the move - and help you with the workload! 


Thank you for reading this week's property journal - we hope you've found some useful tips.

If you have questions, or just want to discuss anything, please give us a call on 029 20 730 887
or email for honest, expert and friendly advice.


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