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Summer is here! We offer our tips on fire prevention in the home

Summer is here! We offer our tips on fire prevention in the home

Leah Edmunds, Maintenance Team Manager at Moginie James, offers tips on fire prevention in the home


More than 900 grass fires have been tackled in south Wales between March and April this year. With these recently released figures in mind, I thought it would be a good time to talk about fire prevention in the home.

It is that time of year when we may think about fire safety a little more than usual, but the truth is that this is something we should be addressing all year round.

As families across Wales see barbeque season come into full swing, our homes play host to even more flammable substances than usual, with many stocking up on lighter fluid, portable barbeque kits and cooking oils – all of which are sometimes stored in the house.

To begin with, there is no excuse not to have smoke alarms installed throughout the property. In Wales, the fire service will provide a home safety check and install alarms free of charge. They will also be able to talk you through the finer points of fire safety, and help you to plan an escape route if the worst were to happen. Keeping fire blankets in the kitchen, and a fully-serviced fire extinguisher in a safe and easy to reach place, is also advisable.

Other ways to minimise risk include having your wiring and electrical sockets checked regularly, and ensuring that open fires have a fire guard placed in front of them. It goes without saying that you should fully extinguish any cigarettes or candles, and keep matches and lighters well out of reach of children.

In a rental property, suitable fire exits should be clearly marked and illuminated, and all doors should be fireproof.

Considering fire safety in and around your home doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, but will help to keep you, your family and your property safe, and that is something you can’t put a price on.



Leah Edmunds MARLA

Maintenance Team Manager