Green is the new black.

Tips For an Eco Friendly Airbnb
Sun 1 Sep 2019

“There is no question climate change is happening. The only arguable point is what part humans are playing in it.” - David Attenborough

Climate change is a hot topic and rightly so. Making greener choices is paramount for the growing eco-conscious population and the travel industry is no exception. Research shows that ‘70% of global travellers say they would be more likely to book accommodation knowing it was eco-friendly’ (source:

With Wales alone attracting 467,000 inbound guests over the year-long period between July 2017 and July 2018 (source: Airbnb UK Insights Report 2018) running your Airbnb in a more eco-friendly manner is an essential part of helping do your bit.

We’ve put together some achievable ways to turn your Airbnb green (not literally!!) for the sake of your guests and most importantly, our planet.

Lightbulb moment
Energy-efficient lightbulbs are a quick and easy step to jump on board with the green team. Let’s face it traditional tungsten bulbs are expensive and inefficient. Try changing these for CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent light) or LED bulbs (light emitting diodes). Both more efficient and will save you money on the energy bills. Win-win!

The environment aroma
Not only are eco-friendly toiletries better for the planet they are also better for the body. All of our soaps, shampoos and toiletry products are ethically sourced and are cruelty-free traced back to the core mineral. They also all carry the vegan logo and approval. They are in plastic packaging, however, these are already recycled and can continue to be recycled a further twice afterwards. They’re also topped up constantly so the packaging is rarely thrown away. Added bonus - they also smell divine!

Shop and drop.. Plastic
Plastic carrier bags are the worst. They take around 1000 years to decompose yet most don’t even hold it together for their second outing. Why not purchase some local canvas bags for guests to use during their stay encouraging them to shop local. Pontcanna favourite Brød - The Danish Bakery has recently introduced their very own canvas tote that would be the ideal solution to minimise the usage of plastic carrier bags whilst supporting local.

Keep it clear
Make recycling requirements crystal clear for guests and ensure they are provided with the correct tools. If you don’t provide guests with adequate bins and recycling caddies they are more likely to throw all waste in the bin. Cardiff’s Recycling and Waste management makes this the process easier by supplying a range of recycling and waste bags, bins and caddies. You can order yours here.

Bottle it up
Supplying fresh water for guests is a nice touch and a welcome sight after a journey no matter how long or short. It’s easy to stock up on crates of bottled water to pop into the fridge during a changeover but it’s even easier to refill a glass bottle. Why not invest in some swing-top glass bottles to refill during each changeover and use time and time again. You could even go extra fancy and pop in some mint leaves.

There are just a few ways of many for us to play our part in the climate movement and promote a more sustainable way of living even when in a ‘home-from-home’.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog.
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Rebecca James
Client Relationship Manager