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All the Good Stuff

A collection of all the very best Host resources, because when you're with HelloTed, you'll never be alone.

About Us

Breaking the barriers of traditional Residential lettings, Hello Ted was created by the folks behind Moginie James...

Our Process

Our process has been carefully crafted to ensure a seamless end-to-end service which leaves no stone unturned...

Host Checklist

To create a 'home away from home', your property needs all the basics so that your guests don't go wanting...


There are various considerations to get your property guest-ready, don't worry though, we take of all of them as standard during the onboarding process...

Fee Breakdown

We're incentivised to maximise your occupancy and revenue, so you know that we will work tirelessly for both of us...

Packages & Pricing

Our packages provide you with a comprehensive management service, designed to maximise your income without compromising on security...

Local Insights

Theres little doubt that Cardiff is booming and we've been keeping an eagle eye on the growing Airbnb market and how this has changed the face of hospitality in our city...
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The Questions

There's a lot to consider before becoming a host, so we've taken the legwork out of it and compiled a list of all the most frequently asked questions...
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The Business Bits

Ready to become a host and start earning? We can't wait for you to join the Hello Ted revolution and unlock the earning potential of your home.. download our Ts&Cs...
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