How to be a great airbnb host.

Three guests check into an Airbnb listing every HALF-A-SECOND...
Thu 01 Aug 2019

While our very own Cardiff is expected to be the 10th most popular destination for Airbnb guests across the world during 2019.

So, it wasn’t a huge surprise when I learnt that Airbnb hosts in Cardiff are collectively set to earn more than £500,000 this month alone, with guests flocking from all over the world to watch the Cricket World Cup in our capital city.

In fact, Cardiff’s reputation for hosting big sporting and music events (such as Take That at the Principality Stadium this weekend!!) is one of the main reasons that the city has one of the highest Airbnb occupancy rates in the whole of Britain at 57%. Helping make Wales the top trending region for travel in the UK, with an 81% year-on-year growth in inbound guest arrivals to our beautiful country.

Airbnb hosts in Cardiff enjoy an average daily rental rate of £99 and average monthly revenues of £1,256 (Source: Airdna)

With Airbnb hosts in Cardiff taking advantage of everything our action-packed, historical city has to offer by renting out their spaces to guests, I decided to look at what makes a great Airbnb host, which in turn leads to better reviews, leading to more guests and more income.

Here are my top tips for being a great Airbnb host:

Be Honest

Nobody likes to arrive at a place that is not quite what they were expecting, so be upfront about any quirky qualities your home may have or you’ll just receive bad reviews in the long run. I heard about one group that rented a property largely for use of a pool table pictured, however, when they arrived they realised the table was a miniature version and the photos were ‘cleverly’ staged. It's fair to say that the reviews were not glowing.

Get in Touch

Send guests an email a week or so before they arrive with information about getting to your property and anything they may need to know about the house itself. It’s a nice personal touch, especially for international visitors who may be new to a country and might not have easy access to the internet. My top tip is to include a list of good local restaurants and events taking place in the area during their stay.

Go That Bit Little Further

It’s always better to underpromise and overdeliver than the over way around. So while you should be clear about what your property offers and about any 'house rules' it's also beneficial to add some unexpected personal touches. I find a basket of goodies for a guest when they check-in always goes down well and is worth any out of pocket expenses in good reviews. You don’t need to go crazy, just think about what you'd like on arriving in a new place after your travels - some fresh fruit, a coffee, maybe a beer?

Be Flexible

Being flexible on check-in and check-out times can go a long way to ensuring your guest has a positive stay. Bear in mind that guests come from all over the world and can arrive at odd hours. As such they may be tired and not feel like being social so leave them alone to settle in, alternatively, they may want to ask you all about what Cardiff has to offer and chat your ear off! It’s also worth bearing in mind that there are a million reasons someone may be delayed that are beyond their control, especially in a new city or country, so be patient with people.

Give A Good First Impression

Give your guest a positive first impression and make their arrival a pleasant one. That could mean helping with their bags, offering a drink or giving them a quick tour of the property. Don't make any tours too long though, remember your guests may have travelled a fair distance and they will want to adjust to their new surroundings (and have a snoop) in their own time. There are numerous ways to create a positive ambience in your property for when your guest(s) arrive, think ambient lighting, fresh flowers, pleasant smells and soft music.

Explain Electronics and Appliances With Handy Notes

Don’t try to explain how the cooker and TV work to your guest straight away, even if your guest is listening and manages to take it all in they won’t appreciate the barrage of information. Instead, leave handy explainer notes around explaining how things work. This has the added benefits of not having to explain things to multiple people.

Leave Plenty of Supplies

As well as leaving extra supplies of all the essentials like towels, lightbulbs and pillows, a nice touch is to leave other day-to-day objects that your guest may not have been able to bring with them but may need, Such as an umbrella or an iron. You can also leave books out to read and, especially for families, games to play. My biggest tip, however, is snacks. Stock your house with snacks and the investment will pay off in positive reviews from your happy guests.


This is a biggy! Nothing screams bad review like a dirty home, so make sure the property is clean. This may mean getting professionals to do the dirty work.

I hope you enjoyed my look at what makes a good Airbnb host. If you would like to discuss Airbnb management please feel free to contact me on 02921 040 279 or

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Rebecca James
Client Relationship Manager