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We really could talk about all things HelloTed and Hosting for a pretty long time, so welcome to our blog, the place where we do just that. We focus on the people, things and trends that are shaking up the industry, round up all of the latest hotspots and provide insight into the life of a host. So, tune in regularly for a good read.. just make sure you grab a cuppa first!

Travel Trends and Inspiration

We're always on the look-out for ways to maximise occupancy and revenue for our hosts, so we keep a keen...
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The story of Airbnb

Unable to afford the rent on their loft apartment, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia came up with an idea...
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Cardiff, The Green City

With more green space per person than any other British Capital, there are so many reasons we love cardiff...
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How Does Cardiff Continue to Grow?

With growth of over 5650% within a short three year period... Cardiff continues to grow at large rates...
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What Makes A Good Host?

Actually, quite a lot! Hello Ted was created by the folks behind Moginie James...
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