A bit about our process.

What We Do

Our process has been carefully crafted to ensure a seamless end-to-end service which leaves no stone unturned. We love what we do... Like, really love what we do. We get excited over even the most mundane and difficult jobs.

✔ We heard that calendar management and making sure you're always 100% up to date with upcoming events to ensure accurate pricing is really time consuming... We love it.

✔ We heard that late night maintenance issues were keeping you up all night... Our 24/7 contractors are A-OK with 2am calls!

✔ We heard that making sure the house is always clean to a 5-star standard is hard work... Our guys could do it with their eyes closed.

✔ We heard all the back and forth with guests in the lead up to their arrival leaves you little time to relax... Customer service is our middle name.. well, not literally, but it is definitely something we excel at!

✔ We heard that safeguarding your property against guest damage is one of your biggest priorities... It's rare but if it happens, we've got you covered with our Protection Package.

We heard that you need someone to take care of the whole process for you...
Well, HelloTed!

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