DIY Christmas projects you should make this year

DIY Christmas projects you should make this year
14th November 2022

With the cost-of-living crisis still afoot, we understand that this time of year is going to be difficult for some. After the past few years, we could all do with an extra special Christmas, and part of the magic of Christmas is enjoying the beauty of twinkling fairy lights and a host of other festive decorations.

If you want to make Christmas extra special this year, but aren’t in a position to splash out too much on the decorations, here is a handy list of ideas to create gorgeous pieces on a budget.

Lantern displays

Lanterns have been trending in interior design for a while now; they make for a cosy, chic addition to your decor all year round, and can easily be Christmassed up for the festive season! By simply adding a variety of complementary baubles inside and decorating the top with holly or similar Christmas-themed ribbons and festive greenery, and other adornments, two or three lanterns can make for a lovely Christmas display for anywhere around the home, or by the entrance to welcome your guests.

Staircase garland bows

These traditional staircase decorations can cost a pretty penny when premade, but can be made easily and effectively on a budget. Grab a long, plain garland, red ribbon, and some shiny red baubles (or other colours if you prefer). Hang the garland along the staircase, then simply fix big red bows (made or store-bought) to the points where the garland attaches to the bannister, and secure the baubles in the centre of the bow - voila! - a classic, chic look for next-to-nothing.

Check it out on Pinterest here!

Bauble wreath

If you want a statement wreath for the front door, but the store prices are giving you heart palpitations, there are plenty of ideas when it comes to making your own. This colourful, shiny bauble wreath idea is perfect for making good use of pre-loved baubles; plus, it’s easy to find plenty of them in op-shops, markets, or discount stores.

All you will need is a styrofoam wreath from a craft store, some florist ‘greening pins’, and the baubles of your choice - oh, and wrap the wreath in a complementary coloured ribbon first to avoid any ugly white styrofoam from showing through.

Watch a YouTube video on how to make a bauble wreath here

Advent calendars

Making your own advent calendars can be a nice little cost-saver - especially if you have multiple children and don’t want to just pick up the cheapest supermarket offerings. There is an abundance of ideas online for DIY advent calendars - everything from sewing projects, mini decorated envelopes attached to notice boards, and hanging little Christmassy bags from decorative branches, the options are endless.

There are plenty of tasteful designs and some that can last for many Christmases to come - long enough to be handed down in some cases.

Pinecone ornaments

Pinecones are quintessentially Christmassy and can be given easy upgrades to become beautifully decorative pieces. You can give them a snowy effect by spray-painting them white or any colour of your choice to complement your other decorations. Sprinkle some glitter on them while the paint is still wet for added sparkle, and glue a simple piece of cord to the base to attach them easily to your tree or garlands.

Giant homemade wreath

This idea from Homemade Ginger is just gorgeous and so easy to create. Simply spray paint a large hula hoop gold, wrap some twine around it in a random pattern, weave some plant branches around the edge, attach some lettering of your choice, and it’s done! Such a simple idea and a budget-friendly way to create a large statement piece - of course, it will have a limited life-span if you use live plant branches; otherwise, some faux branches may suffice; Christmassy branches with little red berries would make it pop a little too.

3D paper bag snowflakes

These may look a little complicated to make, but this tutorial from sets it out in a really easy-to-follow way. With just some craft glue, scissors, a stapler, a few other basics, and, of course, a bunch of plain brown lunch bags (and some patience), you can create a beautiful aesthetic with these hanging 3D snowflakes, particularly with some fairy lights shining through from behind.

This is a really cost-effective way to create a beautiful, Christmassy atmosphere with large decorations - and fun for the family to make together; plus, they fill the trending eco-friendly, sustainability brief perfectly.

Gold leaf candle holders

It’s surprisingly easy to pimp-up glass candle holders by adding some gold leaf, and you can get hold of the gold leaf and adhesive from craft stores (and most discount stores). All you have to do is spread the adhesive onto the areas you want to add the gold (you can create a neat line edge with masking tape, or opt for a broken line), wait for it to turn from cloudy white to clear, and add the sheets of gold leaf on top. Smooth them down gently (gold leaf is very delicate), and then use a soft-bristled brush to gently brush the excess away (a makeup brush works well).

Real gold leaf is expensive, but the imitation gold leaf is nice and cheap and looks fantastic, so there is no need to worry about forking out for real gold! You can also opt for some classic festive scents like gingerbread, mulled wine, or peppermint for your candles.

Wrapped present arrangements

Using beautifully-wrapped presents is a great way to create a festive arrangement without breaking the bank - especially as they are for show only and needn’t contain anything at all! Choose a variety of complementary papers, such as gold, bronze, and hessian (burlap), mix plain papers with one or two patterned options, wrap up empty boxes and add a few ribbons here and there and voila! These lovely wrapped boxes make for a lovely display - in an otherwise empty corner, on a mantlepiece, or wherever you like - perhaps just let the kids know they are purely decorative to avoid disappointment.

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