How could the election affect contract-holders?

How could the election affect contract-holders?
18th June 2024

When politicians are lobbying for votes, they want to appeal to the widest possible audience - and the reality is that there are more contract-holders than landlords in the UK. So, party policies around the time of an election usually favour contract-holders, as they are much more likely to vote for a party that promises to improve their rights and give them more security in their home.

All parties have long been committed to scrapping section 21 evictions, so it’s highly likely we’ll see the Renters (Reform) Bill (RRB)- or something very similar - reintroduced post-election by the Conservatives if they win. This doesn't affect Wales, as section 21 notices were replaced by section 173 notices when the Renting Homes (Wales) Act came into place. 

Housing is an area that is devolved - which means it sits under the Welsh Government’s remit - however some policies affecting incomes and household costs, such as welfare and energy, are controlled by UK Government and will still affect Welsh contract-holders. 


The general election is a prime opportunity for all UK political parties to finally commit to the changes needed to solve the country’s cost of living crisis.

Labour commissioned an independent review of the private rental sector (PRS) last year and the report included additional policy recommendations such as introducing measures to urgently increase the supply of social housing, which would free-up more properties in the PRS that are currently occupied by those on council waiting lists.

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats' overarching pledge is to ensure that everyone can have access to housing that meets their needs, and to improve standards for new homes to ensure they are warm and cheap to heat.



Areas that will specifically affect contract-holders in Wales as part of this general election include any changes to local housing allowance, Universal Credit, and energy bills. We hope that regardless of which party forms the next government, contract-holders can look forward to positive changes that make the cost of living easier, and for a coherent approach between UK and devolved policy.

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